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Cropped jeans
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The small flash of the skin creates a perfect balance when worn with flats, sneakers or your favourite heels. They are typically skinny and flared at the end, but however you try to describe them, they are definitely in this season. Our range of cropped jeans range from dark, distressed denims to glowing white skinnies with fun frills. Explore our range of cool cropped jeans and add an update to your wardrobe with our range of cut-off styles, popular awkward lengths and retro-looking cuts. Despite the unique and retro feel of cropped jeans, they can be easily accompanied with a number of everyday items to achieve both casual and classy looks. Pairing your crops with ankles boots can be a great way to show off your louder shoes, providing you put these alongside more neutral shades of colour. To stay super casual, a pair of cropped jeans with a jumper and some trainers is an easy way to achieve a laid-back look. If you’re worried about making your legs look short a pair of cropped high-waisted jeans can sort that right out. Ankle boots are a year-round favourite but you can easily spoil your look by not considering how these can sometimes clash. Consider the following: Many people find their ankles getting cold and you can easily put a stop to this with a pair of statement socks - providing you’re sharing the same colour between your boots and jeans. Whilst a pair of bright tights beneath your jeans can also make a splash. Whilst a more subtle option is to wear simple socks appearing slightly over the boot. In terms of colour - white ankle boots can make a statement alongside lighter-washed denim. Whilst sticking to a neutral-colour palette can make a more sophisticated and polished look overall. Donning contrasting black boots with light trousers can also show off your proportions.