ONLY was introduced to the Danish market in 1995. Today ONLY is an established and renowned retail chain with more than 300 stores in Europe and the Middle East, and we are still growing. The ONLY brand is sold in more than 6,500 wholesale stores and is present in 23 markets. At ONLY we embrace the magic of the possibilities within everyday life. This is our philosophy. ONLY is about you – and ONLY you. Uniqueness is in our name, in our stores and our collections. Each item is created with this special ONLY feeling representing our core identity, which has a mature twist with a focus on feminine strength, self-confidence and style. ONLY represents many branches in the fashion world. First of all we are a fashion brand with a broad and international approach. Looking at the latest trends, ONLY defines our own unique version of fashion, always considering the different fashion moments each ONLY girl comes across. That’s why the latest trends always show in our product line. The ONLY collections feature a unique, real and modern identity and attractive styles with international class. Apart from being a fashion brand, ONLY is also a denim brand.

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